Padre Pio Renovation

The long anticipated renovation of the Padre Pio house began officially with request from our Pastor for funds at Mass the weekend of July 21/22, 2012 to convert the house from an antique to a modern day marvel. 

Information on how you can assist with donations of funds and items that will be listed as needed to make this a successful project.

Thank you everyone in advance for your support!

Father Jim, TOR
Brad Maunders, Stewardship/Pastoral Council

This page will identify, not necessarily in order, the different time frames for the work on the house, comprised almost entirely of volunteer work and paid for with funds donated by parishioners.

Saturday/Sunday, July 21/22, 2012
Official request for donations for the renovation at all Masses.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 :
The remodeling began officially with the installation of the new roof.
The roof was replaced less than a week after Father Jim made his request for donations to remodel Padre Pio.  Joe Moore, a parishioner and contractor, donated the time and material to complete the roof.  With the exception of some minor tweaking, the old roof was removed and the new one installed in one work day!

The new fence was installed in 4 increments with the north side first, east second and the south third over 2 weekends.   The fence is cedar with special treated wood as the cross members and special trim on the top.  The stain is custom and expected to last the life of the fence, also expected to be in the 30 year timeframe.

Thursday, September 25, 2013
New Custom Made Windows Delivered

Once the windows are completed the exterior siding will be replaced followed by painting, completion of the electrical and plumbing inside and after inspection, drywall.  Once this is complete requests for donations for the appliances, flooring, furniture and such will be made with plaques indicating "Donated By" or "In Memory of".  

The initial house was blessed by Bishop Vann and it is anticipated our Pastor will request our new Bishop bless the remodeled home complete with furniture, etc.

The Boy Scouts, through one of their Eagle projects are anticipated to install PVC pipe and sprinkler heads for the future sprinkler system. 

Many of the same volunteers give of their time almost weekly to work on the house.  Most of the work requires some prior building skills so this was passed to the parishioners and Knights of Columbus and volunteers stepped forward.  Other volunteers came forward to do such things as tear out old flooring, remove drywall and pull nails.  Others cut or pulled weeds, sprayed weed killer, hauled trash, trimmed trees, etc.

This page will be updated periodically with actual dates of the work completed or being done and will reference the appropriate album on the left.  At this time uploading pictures is very time consuming until the next web software revision expected in late 2013 or early 2014 so please bear with us as we add the updated pictures and information.

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