Coffee & Doughnut Social Volunteer

Parish ministries and organizations are assigned to serve at the “Coffee & Doughnut Social” on Sunday’s after the 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM Mass.   This begins the first Sunday after Labor Day in September through the end of the school year in May, excluding Holiday weekends to include Palm Sunday.
As of September 2010 donuts are only purchased from Krispy Kreme.   
Please understand the donuts for the Soclal are not donated. 
Donation cans are placed on the coffee and donut tables during the social. Parishioners are asked to place their offerings of 50 cents or more per doughnut to offset the cost to the parish.  
Please see the schedule below which reflects the weekends there will be no fellowship either due to special events, 3 day weekends or church holidays.  Columbus Day is not a parish office holiday.  Palm Sunday is now included in the church holiday list.

  Please note the average donations received per Mass are listed below. 
Our average donation has increased since the change to Krispy Kreme from 16 - 20 cents per donut to approximately 31 cents. 

WIth the 2013-2014 Social, the donut counts by Mass have changed due to contributions not meeting the minimum requirement.

Mass Time                        7:30 AM     9:00 AM     11:00 AM      
By attendance should be        $45-50         $110-140       $120-160
Average as of March, 2014            $55               $85                 $70
2013 - 2014 Fellowship Ministry Volunteer Schedule:


06 - Home & School
13 - Palm Sunday - Women's Guild Bake Sale and Coffee/Donuts!
20 - NONE - Easter
27 - Respect Life (Divine Mercy Sunday)

04 - 35+ Men's Basketball
11 - NONE - Mother's Day
18 - NONE - CRP Retreat
25 - NONE - Memorial Day

COMPLETED 2013-2014


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