You Shall Believe

Event Name:  You Shall Believe
Date(s):  Mar 11 - Apr 28, 2013
Time:  Starts: 8:30 PM  

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    Starting this Monday night, March 11th, at 8:30 C.S.T. I will be hosting live calls on why, who, and how we can bring kids back to church, parents back to church, non-Catholics to the church, etc...
    There are two ways you can join the call and follow along:
    1.  Call 1-530-881-1300 and enter pin#: 389612#  (Try to call in by 8:25pm C.S.T.)
    2. Call 1-530-881-1300 and enter pin#: 389612# AND simultaneously watch the presentation online.
         In order to?? listen?? and ? ??watch?? ?the presentation online please click on this link right now and register:
          (After registering by clicking the link above you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about joining the Webinar that you registered for.)
   A. These will be live calls and you will be able to ask questions and make comments.
   B. It's best if you can be on the phone and the internet at the same time to both listen and watch.  However, you do NOT have to be in front of a computer or online to participate. All you have to do is call 1-530-881-1300 and enter pin#: 389612#.
   C.  Whether you will be just calling OR calling and watching online, please click on this link right now to register to allow us to prepare for how many people will be joining us each night:
   D. There will be a call Monday - Friday night. I HIGHLY encourage you to join Monday night because you may want to encourage others to join the following nights. You will also probably think of questions after the first night that you can ask on the following nights.
     "Some parents say: 'I am not as concerned about myself as I am for my children, about leaving them well situated.' But I respond to them: 'If you wasted the goods you possess and left your children submerged in poverty, you would act wrongly and you would sin. Yet, you would act even worse if you lose your souls trying to leave your family economically well situated.' Otherwise tell Me: 'If you go to hell, would your children go and take you out of there?' King David already said that he has never seen the just man forsaken or his children begging for bread. Tend to My affairs: seek  My Kingdom and its righteousness, for I will not stop providing your children with all that they need, and you will be saved and will obtain that treasure of eternal happiness that no one will be able to take away from you... Use the temporal goods only to conserve your lives during the brief length of time that you will live. Meditate unceasingly on the fact that you are here as pilgrims but charged with a very important commission: your salvation and that of your brothers and sisters. If you do not succeed in carrying out this project, in vain were you born and worked, in vain have you struggled. What is worse, in vain have you been redeemed with My blood, since for your carelessness you will be condemned..."
You Shall Believe, PO Box 250 Hampstead, NC 28443

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